Dole Coalwell has enjoyed a long and distinguished presence in Douglas County. We celebrated 100 years of continuous service to the community in the year 2013. Our founders were Dexter Rice and A.N. ("Bert") Orcutt. In 1913, they formed the partnership of Rice & Orcutt conducting general civil practice with offices located in the First State and Savings Bank in downtown Roseburg.

Rice & Orcutt became Rice, Orcutt & Long in 1946 when J.V. Long joined the firm.

In 1949, Mr. Rice passed away and George W. Neuner was asked to be a partner. The firm name changed to Orcutt, Long & Neuner. The offices moved to the Umpqua Savings and Loan Building on Jackson Street. Bert Orcutt withdrew from the firm in 1952.

Donald A. Dole joined the firm as an associate in 1954 and in 1959 became a partner in the firm of Long, Neuner & Dole. That same year, the partners constructed the offices where the firm is currently located at 810 SE Douglas Avenue in Roseburg.

Eldon Caley, a Circuit Court judge, left the bench in 1962 and became a partner in the firm; the firm name then became Long, Neuner, Dole & Caley.

J.V. Long withdrew as a partner in 1978. Tom Kolberg, an associate of the firm, became a partner that same year and the firm became known as Neuner, Dole, Caley & Kolberg. Bruce Coalwell joined the firm as an associate in 1981.

In 1985, Mr. Neuner passed away, Tom Kolberg became a circuit court judge, and Eldon Caley withdrew as a member of the firm. Don Dole remained and became partners with existing associates Bruce Coalwell and Jane McMillin, renaming the firm Dole, Coalwell & McMillin, P.C.

Dan Clark joined the firm as a partner in 1987. Ms. McMillin withdrew as a member in 1988. The firm continued its practice under the name of Dole, Coalwell & Clark, P.C. Steve Mountainspring came to the firm as an associate in 1991. Mr. Mountainspring became a partner in 1997.

Jeff Mornarich joined the firm in 1994 and became a partner in 1998. At that time the firm name became Dole, Coalwell, Clark, Mountainspring & Mornarich, P.C. In 2012, existing associates Jason M. Montgomery and James N. Forrester also became shareholders in the firm.

Don Dole withdrew as a partner in 2004 when he celebrated his 50th year as a member of the firm. Mr. Dole passed away in 2011, and in recognition of Don's years of devotion to the firm, the current members have retained the firm name Dole Coalwell.